NPA Committees



APA Council Representative: NOELLE LEFFORGE, PH.D.

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: AMELIA BLACK, PH.D.



Continuing Education (CE)

The NPA Continuing Education Committee’s mission is to develop high-quality, regionally distributed, continuing education workshops for professional psychologists covering the full range of specialty practice and professional services and settings. The Committee continues to provide access to low-cost training courses necessary for ensuring that our members continue to develop professionally in the interest of providing quality services to the public . Courses presented are timely, relevant and culturally sensitive to the diverse population served by our members, and satisfy the requirements for licensure by the NV Board of Psychological Examiners. NPA is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. We also work to secure CE sponsorship. By joining the CE Committee, you have a direct impact on the types of trainings we bring to Nevada. You will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a dynamic group of committee members across a range of professional settings, years in practice, and skillsets. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are providing vital financial funding to keep our non-profit organization thriving. The CE committee also has added a small perk in which an interested point person on the committee is designated to take the lead on a particular conference and, in turn for various responsibilities, their conference attendance fees are waived. To view our upcoming CE events, click here
CE Committee Chair: MARQUEZ WILSON, PSY.D.

Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Committee

NPA is committed to supporting the needs of early career psychologists. Accordingly, NPA offers discounts on membership, opportunities to participate in monthly support group meetings, and extends a special welcome to newly licensed psychologists every fall at annual social events, held in both Las Vegas and Reno. We are active in recruiting ECP’s to participate in committees and leadership positions in the state, and offer mentorship opportunities to interested psychologists. For more information about our ECP Committee, click here

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI) Committee

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Chair and Committee are dedicated to promoting diversity in Nevada. This includes welcoming psychologists from diverse backgrounds as well as promoting culturally sensitive services to the community. NPA is working to develop a Diversity Mission Statement, includes scientific and evidence-based information about working with diverse populations in our CE trainings, and strongly supports efforts to reach out to individuals different genders, ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultures and abilities. For more information about our DEI Committee, click here
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair: LEA CAVER, PH.D. 

Legislative Committee (LC)

NPA tracks the activities of the legislature and governmental entities to determine general trends regarding issues related to the Association’s interests. These trends reflect the ideas and efforts of policy makers over time and suggest areas in which information or advocacy may be needed. Observation of trends allows NPA to prepare members and policy makers for policy changes that may be pursued by the NPA or others in the future. Over 1000 bills are introduced in the legislature each session. Many bills include proposed changes in the law that affect issues related to psychology and may have a positive or negative impact on the public. NPA’s Legislative Committee, along with NPA’s professional lobbyist, reviews these bills for content of interest to NPA. The Legislative Committee may recommend that NPA support or oppose proposed legislation as appropriate. Throughout the legislative session, bills are monitored with consideration given to whether any action is needed. When needed, NPA members, other involved parties, or the professional lobbyist may be called upon to contact legislators to provide information. For more information about our LC committee, click here
Northern Region: LAURA DRUCKER, PSY.D.

Public Education Campaign (PEC)

The Public Education Campaign (PEC) is an evolving initiative of NPA with the goal of using psychology to improve the lives of all people. The PEC consists of social media marketing initiatives and public awareness campaigns intended to educate the public about how the science and application of psychology benefits society and improves lives. The PEC is also responsible for gathering member inquiries on public issues and responding to media requests. For more information about PEC, click here
Public Education Campaign ChairROBERT MOERING, PH.D.