This service is being provided by the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) as a courtesy to consumers, NPA’s members, and referral organizations/sources.

To use our referral service please review the following information and indicate that your have read, understood, and agreed to the terms for usage of this site. You will then be directed to the search page. 

  1. All the psychologists participating in this referral service are NPA members in good standing.  At the time of their inclusion in this service they were licensed as psychologists by the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners, the regulatory board for the practice of Psychology in Nevada.  

  2. NPA does not have minimum requirements of its referral members for years of experience or malpractice insurance.  We recommend calling all the names to learn more about them and their office policies.  We do not have any information on what type of insurance members accept.

  3. The member psychologists provide the information about their practice and interest areas. NPA does not verify that information.  NPA does not determine or warrant the competence of any psychologist listed.  It is the member psychologist’s responsibility to advise NPA of any changes in their status with the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners.   NPA is not endorsing any particular psychologist, nor are we guaranteeing satisfaction with their services. 

  4. Use of this referral service to locate a psychologist is voluntary and will not result in any liability against NPA.  NPA cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from a psychologist listed in the NPA referral services.  In no event shall NPA be liable for damages to any user of the referral service for the voluntary selection of a psychologist or the services provided by any psychologist listed herein, or for any other damages that may occur.    
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